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Mazatlan Sea of Cortez Aquarium

Entertainment 01/08/2023
Two parents with their children at the Mazatlán Mar de Cortés Aquarium
Become an explorer and discover the Mar de Cortez at the Gran Acuario Mazatlán. Open every day of the year!

What is the Mar de Cortés Aquarium in Mazatlán?

The Mar de Cortés Aquarium in Mazatlán is recognized as one of the 10 largest aquariums in the world. With an impressive extension of 50,000 square meters and an oceanic fish tank with the capacity to hold 2.5 million liters of water, the Mar de Cortés Aquarium is the largest aquarium in both Mexico and Latin America.

What to find at the Mar de Cortés Aquarium?

The aquarium will be divided into 19 exhibition halls and will house around 260 different species. Some of the confirmed species that you will be able to admire in this aquarium are: anemones, starfish, snails and octopuses. It is worth noting that it has a room dedicated to Jacques Cousteau, the famous marine explorer who once described the Sea of Cortez as "the aquarium of the world." In addition to its function as an aquarium, it also fulfills the role of a marine life research center in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute.

Mar de Cortez Aquarium Cost

If you are planning to visit the Gran Acuario Mazatlán, it is important to know the updated entrance prices. Below, we provide you with detailed information about the rates:

  • General admission for tourists: 380 pesos per person.

  • Children between 5 and 12 years old: 280 pesos.

  • Inhabitants of Mazatlán: 290 pesos.

  • Children from 5 to 12 years old residing in Mazatlán: 240 pesos.

  • Seniors: 270 pesos.

  • Children under 4 years: Free admission.

  • People with disabilities: Free admission.

These rates will allow you to enjoy all the attractions and exhibitions offered by the Gran Acuario Mar de Cortés in Mazatlán. Be sure to plan your visit with these pricing options in mind so you can get the most out of this wonderful experience.

Location of the Mar of Cortez Aquarium

To visit the Mar de Cortés Aquarium, it is only a 13-minute drive from the Park Royal Beach Mazatlán hotel. Here you can enjoy the fascinating beauty and marine diversity offered by this magnificent aquarium.
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