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Of dances, laments and pop culture: A brief tour of Argentine music

Entertainment 17/08/2021
When thinking of a place where you can enjoy good music and delicious meat, Argentina is a must for world travelers. On this note, we will introduce you to some of the most famous and popular music in Argentina that will make you tap your toes to the music when planning your next getaway to this city.
This world-famous genre came out as a mix of African, Latin Americans, and European rhythms. At the very beginning, this music genre was born in the underprivileged neighborhoods of Buenos Aires around 1800 and even today keeps charming people from around the world. Around 1910, Tango became a popular and well-received music genre danced on the most exclusive dancefloors of Buenos Aires.
Tango expresses love, desire, and tragedies through the dancers’ bodies, and is typically danced with a partner. Walks, high heels move, and lounges are some of the most famous movements to enjoy this popular Argentinian genre.
National Tango Day is celebrated on December 11th and in 2009 UNESCO declared Tango as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Main singers: Carlos Gardel, Julio de Caro, Enrique Santos Discépolo, among others.
Born and raisedbetween Uruguay and Rio de la Plata, this genre has been misunderstood as a “Happy Tango”.
While Tango communicates passion and drama, Milonga is joyful, fun, and happy, making it enjoyable for those seeking to experience more exotic rhythms and dance moves.
Milonga generally does not contain lyrics but when it does, they talk about life issues and ironic moments in an eloquent way.
Main singers: Alfredo Zitarrosa, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Argentino Luna and Suma Paz.
Cumbia villera
In the late 90s, the urban lower classes of Argentina invented this unique rhythm known as Cumbia villera. The name of this genre comes from the villas, which are housings in the middle of shanty towns found around the largest urban settlements.
Lyrically, Cumbia villera uses the vocabulary of the marginal and lower classes, just like Lunfardo, and deals with topics such as daily life and poverty.
This genre was born as a reply to social inequality and even when this kind of music is not the most popular in the whole country, you can hear it on some DJ sets in the nightclubs of Buenos Aires.
Dare to shine on the dancefloor with your best dance skills!
Main bands: Amar Azul, Damas gratis, Flor de piedra, Mala fama entre otras.
Rock en español
The rock wave that shakes Latin America since the 60s, has a good part of its history in Argentina.
Talking about the development and popularization of this genre would take us more than one single note, therefore, we will only talk about the wave of Argentinian rock of the late 80s.
When popular genres like punk, new wave, synthpop, and even postpunk reached the American continent through Argentina the music in the whole of Latin America experienced a refresh.
Thanks to the artistic sensitivity and avant-garde mindset of artists like Gustavo Cerati, Andres Calamaro, Fito Paez, Charly Garcia, among others, these genres quickly positioned themselves among the younger public.
This success took a few years to be imitated by bands from the rest of Latin America, but when it happened, the so-called Ibero-American wave of "Rock en tu idioma" became famous in the whole world resulting in one of the most prolific times of music for Spanish speakers.
Main bands: Soda Stereo, Los Abuelos de la Nada, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Los Enanitos verdes among others.
At Park Royal City Buenos Aires, we want you to follow the beat of your heart, and get to know a unique perspective of this vibrant city through the sounds of the streets, of the History, and in the most exclusive venues of Buenos Aires.
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