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Share memorable experiences in a safe setting

In keeping our vision of creating memorable experiences and a world-class stay for our guests and their families, we reinforce our commitment to their wellbeing, health, and safety.

We are pleased to announce our alliance with CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS®, British company of international renown, with high quality, safety and hygiene standards, with whom we developed our SAFE GUEST PROGRAM®, that includes ECOLAB® products. Our program’s purpose is to provide trust and peace of mind during any trip planning process.
Our program is built around Park Royal’s safety and hygiene measures, and CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS® certifications, covering five fundamental areas in the operation of our hotels, guaranteeing our guests, members, and employees’ safety. Our program is based on professionally training our employees to guarantee they learn and implement perfectly every protocol and hygiene measure in five areas:

1. Public areas: POSICHECK Covid-19 Certification
2. Guest rooms: ROOMCHECK Certification
3. Food & beverage: FOODCHECK Certification
4. Water system: AQUACHECK Water System Certification
5. Pools: POOLCHECK Certification

Room check Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Room check

Monitors and compares room cleaning operations against an international reference point for the performance and levels of hygienic cleaning.

Food check Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Food check

Based on recommended processes by world governments to guarantee safe restaurants and maximum levels of hygiene in food.

Aqua check Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Aqua check

Significantly reduces the risk of infection for legionnaires disease and includes precise maintenance records, temperatures and levels of disinfection.

Pool check Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Pool check

The Cristal System guarantees clean and clear pool water, a safe environment and the correct working condition of the equipment.

Posicheck Park Royal Hotels & Resorts


Effective systems to prevent the propagation of infectious diseases like Covid-19 and Norovirus.

The beginning of the program is based on the training process to guarantee our staff know perfectly all the protocols and hygienic procedures.

Offering memorable experiences.

Our SAFE GUEST PROGRAM® is centered on quality, safety and hygiene during the different moments our guests spend with us, from their arrival up until their departure, which include:

 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

1. Happy to meet you again

Upon arrival, our guests can be confident on our quality, hygiene and safety best practices for a comfortable stay thanks to POSICheck certification by CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS®.

1. There are disinfectant rugs at every access.
2. We offer sanitizing gel at check-in, and provide sanitizing stations in different areas of the hotel.
3. As part of our security protocols, we will take the body temperature. 4 The bell boy will receive and sanitize your luggage.
5. Guests are asked to practice social distancing and keep 5 ft distance as signaled on the floor.
6. Front Desk and any objects used during check-in are sanitized after each use.
7. We provide medical service to guests when needed.
8. Constant cleaning and sanitizing in all areas of the hotel.

2. Rest & relax

The following measures guarantee your safety.

1. General cleaning following the process established by CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS®.

2. Room and all objects in it, like remote control, telephone, safe-deposit box, outlets, decoration, amenities handles, dampers and bathrooms, are previously sanitized.

3. Cleaning and maintenance when the guests are not in their room, to apply the cleaning and sanitizing procedures with
ECOLAB® products.

4. Informative TV channel with quality, security and hygiene protocols.

3. Enjoy your stay

1. We implement additional cleaning and sanitation processes during the day and night in every area of the hotel, as well as high-traffic guest and employee areas.

2. Employees assigned to the cleaning and sanitation programs in public areas are highly qualified in cleaning processes and use of sanitization products in line with standards established by ECOLAB® and CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS®.

3. Sunbeds on the beach and around the pool area will be arranged in pairs, with a distance of 5 ft. between each one.

4. Sunbeds, service tables, and chairs in the pool area and beach are sanitized after each use.

5. Public restrooms are cleaned and sanitized under quality, safety and hygiene processes, using specialized products.

4. Delightful meal

In addition to complying with the rules of the MEXICAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH DISTINTIVO H as well as CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS®
FOODCHECK, we share the following information:

1. We have intensified our security and hygiene measures in our supplier and merchandise reception, as well as strict merchandise handling procedures on behalf of our personnel.
2. All restaurants and bars operate at a reduced capacity, allowing proper social distancing and disinfection procedures of the tables and chairs after each service.
3. Our hotesses provide mandatory disinfectant gel when entering or exiting the restaurant. Also, there are sanitizing stations at the buffet area access.
4. Our hotess will offer disinfectant gel at the restaurant’s entrance and will request mandatory use of masks and gel before eating, which will be found at the buffets’ access.
5. All table utensils are covered, disinfected and delivered directly at the table for the guest’s use.
6. Tables will be separated by a distance of 5 ft.
7. We disinfect physical menus after each use.
8. Our food and drink menu is also available on our QR.
9. We will set service hours for the buffet and a reservations system for specialty restaurants, carrying out cleaning and disinfecting processes after each seating.
10. Room service* will be delivered completely sealed at the room’s door.
11. All our buffets have assisted services, taking care that the utensils are only touched by hotel staff, which will have all the necessary protective equipment to take care of our guests. We also offer individual food portions.
*Applies in certain properties.

5. Fun for you

1. All entertainment facilities are cleaned and sanitized before opening, upon finishing each activity and at the end of each shift: Kids Club, fitness center, spa, facilities, and sporting equipment.
2. All activities will be carried out with reduced capacity in order to maintain social distancing.
3. We offer sanitizing stations in all areas of entertainment, fitness center, and spa.
4. In our Kids Club, we will take the temperature of all children who access the area.
5. All spa amenities and complements for guest service are presented washed, sanitized and sealed.
6. In our gyms and workout areas social distancing between equipments will be 5 ft.
7. We clean and sanitize with ECOLAB® products after each use.

6. Come back soon!

1. Express check-out is available for all guests one day before their departure, reducing waiting time and crowds at the front desk.

2. We have placed a special urn in the front desk area where our guests can place their room keys.

7. Where the magic happens

1. Strict acess control for employees, visitors, and suppliers, including taking temperature, shoe disinfection and through hand sanitizing.

2. Sanitation stations in all operational and administrative areas.

3. A team of employees will receive, disinfect and organize merchandise entering the hotel.

4. Constant training of our staff in quality, security and hygiene protocols.

5. Internal and external audits will allow us to assure the correct fulfillment of quality, safety and hygiene processes in all our hotels.