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A search engine that saves oceans? Discover ocean hero

Sustainability 03/09/2021
In regards to creating disruptive and helpful initiatives, social media has given us great surprises.
Thanks to the mass information now it is possible not only to discover relevant content but also a positive one for our environment. For example, do you remember the “Earth Hour” emerged in 2007? Or the big oil spill at the Indian Ocean, where people donated hair to clean it thanks to the internet call?
Both initiatives have been followed by hundreds of internet surfers and still have a positive impact.
That is how we discover Ocean Hero, the search that saves them and mantains ocean clear
Who says that we can't save the world from our computers?
What’s Ocean Hero?
Ocean Hero is not your average search engine, because for every 5 searches, funds are raised to pick 1 plastic bottle from the ocean.
This unprecedented initiative was developed in Germany, however, its growth has been quite impressive and nowadays it has operations on the US, Poland, South Africa, and Indonesia. This project knows that an ocean clear is everyone’s right.
How does it work?
Like any web search engine, Ocean Hero is funded by ads.
When money reaches the hands of Ocean Hero, they are responsible for paying to the communities around the oceans, a certain amount to recover plastic bottles thrown into the ocean. This is possible thanks to its commercial allies such as Plastic Bank.
Monthly the number of collected bottles is announced on its website.
Join in 4 steps!
1.- Visit
2.- On its main page you will find the “Add extension” button. Clic there
3.- You’ll be redirected to your web browser store. Once there download the Ocean Hero’s extension for free.
4.- Download and install the file on your computer.
And that’s it! Soon you’ll be colaborating to recover toxic waste from the sea!
At Park Royal Hotels and Resorts we celebrate the work of all the people involved in this project. We know that in a short time the comunity will grow exponentially!
Book your next vacation at Park Royal Hotels and Resorts through Ocean Hero and enjoy free plastic seas and clear oceans.
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