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Acapulco, the Mexican jewel of the Pacific

Destinations 8/06/2023
Acapulco or Acapulco de Juárez (its name is due to the former Mexican president Benito Juárez) is the largest and most populous city in the state of Guerrero.
The bay of Santa Lucia embraces the city and offers kilometers of beaches, where you can do different activities, from surfing to diving, jet skiing or parasailing. In addition, the Sierra Madre surrounds it on the inside, making it a fortress of natural beauty, with a diversity of flora and fauna.

The most popular beaches in Acapulco

Do you want to know some of the most famous beaches in Acapulco? These are suitable for all audiences, you can make plans with friends, family or with your partner and enjoy different activities. Keep reading and find out everything about the beaches of Acapulco.

Playa La Condesa: bustling and youthful, it is located in the golden zone. Enjoy water sports and when night falls, dance in the bars that surround it.
Hornos and Hornitos Beaches: located in front of Papagayo Park, with amazing views of the bay, they are golden sand beaches and calm waters.
Cartea and Caletilla Beaches: they are known for their low waves, ideal for families and children, you can find them in the traditional area, in front of Isla Roqueta.
Playa Iacos: it is the largest square in Acapulco, the waves vary from strong to mild, so you can practice all kinds of water sports and it is located in the golden zone.

What places to visit in Acapulco?

The city is divided into three different zones: traditional, golden and diamond, the first is the center of Acapulco, the second corresponds to the hotel zone and the third, the new zone where you will find places of entertainment and shops.

Discover downtown Acapulco and its markets

The Zócalo of Acapulco or Plaza Álvarez is located in the historic center of the city. The Acapulco City Hall and the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Cathedral (colonial church built in the 17th century) surround it and from the Zócalo you can access the Malecón and/or the Quebrada, among other areas of the city.

Família a brincar nas praias de Acapulco

Do you want to see the Quebrada? Take the street with its name and in 15 minutes you will be at the viewpoint. The Quebrada of Acapulco is known for its steep jumps into the sea.
A must-see in the city is the Sinfonía del Mar or Sinfonía de Acapulco, an amphitheater built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where concerts are held. How to get there? Walk along Adolfo López Mateos Avenue and in 7 minutes you will be there.
Another point of interest is the San Diego Fort, we return to the Acapulco Zócalo and head through Hornitos and Morelos for about 10 minutes. The fort of San Diego de Acapulco, built in the s. XVII, is one of the most important fortresses in the Pacific area, due to the historical events that occurred in it.
Acapulco has a multitude of markets, the largest of all of them is the span style="color: #333333 !important">Mercado Central, as its name indicates, it is located in the heart of the city and you can find everything. Also, you will find craft markets, where you can buy handmade products, such as: paintings, lacquers, ceramics, textiles, etc. The best known are the markets of Dalia, Progreso and El Parazal.

Acapulco, natural beauty

The Isla de la Roqueta located in the bay of Acapulco and near the beach of La Caleta. The island has 4 paradisiacal beaches, a lighthouse, a museum and a submerged Virgin of Guadalupe, don't miss it!
Discover the Acapulco Botanical Garden, with more than 6 hectares of native plants and trees, and enjoy walking or doing some of the workshops they offer. They are open every day of the year and if you are there on a Tuesday, you will enter for free!
Papagayo Park is in the center of the city and has three artificial lakes surrounded by tropical jungle, sports fields, attractions for children, an aquarium and much more. We recommend that you go up to the Iguanario and enjoy the views of the entire city. If you are a nature lover, do not miss the El Veladero National Park, it is a nature reserve that is located 20 minutes by car from the Zócalo of Acapulco. You can go hiking and enjoy amazing natural landscapes.

Hotels in Acapulco: Park Royal Beach Acapulco

The Park Royal Acapulco hotel, located just 15 minutes by car from Papagayo Park, offers you all the services to spend an unforgettable vacation. Taste international or traditional gastronomy in its restaurants. Have you thought about getting married in Acapulco? The hotel Park Royal Acapulco has exclusive access to an exclusive beach, where you can get married, with amazing views of the Bay of Santa Lucia. Ask our Park Love team and learn about the advantages and offers we offer you.
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