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Akumal, the turtle paradise

Destinations 05/03/2024
a palm tree on a beach with a blue sky in the background
Welcome to magical Akumal ("Land of Turtles"), an true paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula, where natural beauty meets fascinating marine life.

This paradisiacal corner in the Riviera Maya is known as the home of turtles and offers a unique experience for those looking to explore the magic of the Caribbean. This bay, surrounded by crystal clear waters, a beautiful coral reef, and its 5 kilometers of soft, fine sand, make Akumal one of the best destinations to seek tranquility and rest in the Riviera Maya.

In this note, we will discover the wonders that await in Akumal, from snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to hidden gems like Cenote Yal-Kú and the vibrant cultural life in Akumal town. Prepare to be amazed by this tropical paradise!

What to see and do in Akumal

Dive into the turquoise waters and explore the fascinating underwater world of Akumal. Additionally, in Akumal it is possible to do many more activities (not just swimming with sea turtles). Thus, you can relax on the picturesque Akumal beach or enjoy sunny days, practice water sports, or simply relax in the large Half Moon Bay. Snorkeling is an unmissable activity that will allow you to swim alongside majestic sea turtles, turning this experience into a close encounter with marine life.

Discover the natural wonder of Cenote Yal-Kú, an oasis of fresh, clear waters surrounded by lush vegetation and, if you want to expand your knowledge about marine conservation and efforts to protect the environment, a visit to the Akumal Ecological Center is a must.

Akumal still has much more to offer, so if you are interested in this little corner between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, just keep reading!

Snorkeling in Akumal

Enter the crystalline turquoise waters and discover the captivating underwater universe of Akumal. Snorkeling is the most important and touristic activity in Akumal, and it will give you the opportunity to dive into the depths to discover its underwater treasures, as well as swim in the company of imposing sea turtles!

This experience becomes an intimate encounter with the fascinating marine life and biodiversity of its reefs, giving you unforgettable moments in the Mexican Caribbean. In Akumal it is possible to enjoy the turtles throughout the year, since they come to this area to feed and, during the months of May to September, the spectacle increases because it is the nesting season, when turtles come out to the beach to lay their eggs.

On the other hand, while you snorkel, you will enjoy the incredible coral reef found in Akumal, making it one of the best destinations in the entire Riviera Maya to dive and enjoy the impressive biodiversity of the seabed.

To carry out these activities, we recommend you go with a guide on a tour.

Imagen de una tortuga en el mar de la región de Akumal

Akumal Beach and its Half Moon Bay

If you are looking for relaxation and tranquility on your vacation, it is clear that Akumal is your place. Lose yourself in the beauty of Half Moon Bay in Akumal, a paradisiacal corner where the white sand caresses the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Bordered by small houses, hotels and restaurants, in Bahía de la Media Luna you will find the treasures that this Caribbean jewel has in store for you. For its part, it is worth mentioning a fact that few people know, and that is that Akumal Beach is the oldest tourist development in the Mexican Caribbean.

These two corners are ideal for enjoying sunny days, practicing exciting water sports or simply relaxing with the soft sound of the waves. Plus, there is no better place in Akumal to snorkel. As we have said before, in these two places you can enjoy and learn about the incredible marine flora and fauna of the region.

Imagen de la playa de Akumal

Cenote Yal-Kú

Explore the natural wonder that the Cenote Yal-Kú gives us, an authentic oasis of fresh, crystalline waters surrounded by exuberant vegetation, where freshwater mixes with the salt waters of the Caribbean.

This cenote, designed by nature, is famous thanks to its calm, shallow waters that are the perfect setting for snorkeling, immersing you in an underwater universe full of vibrant colors and aquatic life, thus turning your visit into an unforgettable adventure..

Get ready to experience a unique experience at the Yal-Kú Cenote!

Imagen del Cenote Yal-Kú con gente bañándose y haciendo snorkel

Akumal Ecological Center

The Akumal Ecological Center is a non-profit organization and a corner where education meets conservation in harmony. At this center you will be able to expand your knowledge of marine conservation and efforts to protect the environment, as well as a deep understanding of the rich local marine biodiversity and the efforts dedicated to its preservation.

With insightful data and hands-on interactions, you'll discover how every visit is an opportunity to contribute to the care of the marine environment. This educational center offers valuable information about local marine life and how to preserve it for future generations.

Akumal town

Explore the authenticity and charm that reside in the heart of the town of Akumal, a destination that goes beyond its beautiful beaches and lush landscapes. As you immerse yourself in the streets full of color and life, you will discover the very essence of the local culture. With charming craft shops that will pique your curiosity, restaurants with local flavors and the warmth of the community, the town of Akumal is a cultural journey that invites you to be part of its history.

Prepare for a tour full of traditions, hospitality, and the warm welcome of a community that is proud to share its wealth with each visitor.

Akumal Art Festival

For lovers of artistic expression, the Akumal Art Festival is a must. It is a unique celebration that illuminates local creativity and fills the town with a world of colors and captivating shapes.

This annual event is much more than just an exhibition; is a testament to the creative soul of the community, where local artists bring their visions to life in each canvas and sculpture, as well as offering workshops to visitors and locals to learn and interact about this type of local art.

The Akumal Art Festival is a sensory journey that connects you with the region's vibrant art scene.

Monkey Sanctuary

For the little ones (and for the older ones), being able to visit the Monkey Sanctuary wwill become a unique experience, where you can observe these fascinating animals up close in their natural habitat, where they are cared for to later be returned to the place where they belong.

This is a guided tour and an opportunity to connect with wildlife and learn about the importance of its conservation.

EcoRancho Mayamar

The EcoRancho Mayamar may go unnoticed by many visitors to Akumal. However, it is a magical corner located in the middle of a lush jungle populated by a varied fauna, including birds and monkeys that play among the branches.

In this authentic paradise, the EcoRancho Mayamar protects 4 private cenotes in caves of crystal clear waters, a natural jewel that can only be explored in the company of a guide, thus ensuring its impeccable conservation.

Cenote Santa Cruz

Explore the underground wonders of Akumal with Cenote Santa Cruz, a hidden gem that reveals the unique beauty of the Riviera Maya.

In this cenote, surrounded by the lush jungle, the fresh, crystal-clear waters intertwine with underwater rock formations, creating a dreamlike natural setting.

Uxuxubi Community

Delve into the cultural wealth of Akumal by exploring the authenticity and tradition of the Uxuxubi Community. This fascinating corner, located 11 km from Akumal and rooted in the essence of the Mayan jungle, invites you to learn about the customs and crafts of the local community (ecotourism), as well as the collection of fruits and vegetables and the preparation of different types of food.

The Uxuxubi Community is much more than a tourist destination, it is a trip that goes beyond the ordinary, it is an opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of the region while you immerse yourself in the authenticity of Akumal.

To finish the visit in style you can go hiking, visit a natural crocodile sanctuary in the Uxuxubi lagoon or, if you prefer, you can dive in the Balam cenote!

Akumal, Protected Area (Environmental Regulations)

Akumal is proud to be a protected area and, by entering its natural wonders, you also assume the commitment to respect and follow the rules of the environment.

The conservation of marine life and the ecosystem is everyone's responsibility, and it becomes a shared responsibility, so when visiting Akumal make sure to follow the instructions and sustainable practices to preserve this natural paradise.

How to Get to Akumal in the Riviera Maya

Getting to Akumal is a fairly simple task, especially if you are in one of our hotels. We offer safe and comfortable transportation options, whether through buses, buses or taxis. From Cancun or Cozumel, the shuttle will take you directly to Akumal, allowing you to enjoy the trip without worries.

At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, we are always available for you to stay at any of our hotels in Cancun and Cozumel: Grand Park Royal Cancun, Park Royal Beach Cancun, The Villas Cancun by Grand Park Royal, and Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

There are several ways to get from Cancun to Akumal: by private car or taxi (1h 30min ride); by public transport: first go to Playa del Carmen (ADO bus from the center), then take a Playa del Carmen-Akumal bus.

If you are in Cozumel, there is an option: take a ferry that leaves you in Playa del Carmen and from there take a bus to Akumal or to Xel-Há Park.

Get ready to live a unique experience in Akumal!
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