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All you need to know to get married at Mexico's best beaches

Weddings 20/07/2021
Many couples around the world dream to get married at the beach. The reasons are many, but some of them are the incredible sunsets, the relaxed atmosphere of the beach, and the possibility to begin the honeymoon at the same location.
Mexico is the perfect stage to celebrate a majestic wedding in any of its more than 11.000 kilometers of coastline surrounding the country.
At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, we have replied to some frequently asked questions to help you when planning your wedding at Mexico’s beaches, but first, let us introduce you to the way that Mexicans celebrate this important day.
Did you know that the bridesmaids and guests throw flower petals or rice to the just married at the church gates? This tradition means good wishes, plentifulness, and fertility. Another interesting activity during the celebration is the main waltz, where the couple chooses an iconic song and dances in the center of the dancefloor. Lovely!
How much does it cost to get married at the Mexican beaches?
Even if there are no standard rates for a wedding, we suggest you to consider an initial amount of 150,000 MXN (around 7,500 USD) for a celebration with 100 guests.
Of course, the expense is proportional according to the number of persons, venue, dress, decorations, wedding banquet, amenities, and the luxury of the wedding in general.
For some couples, the sky is the limit, and some of them have paid more than one million pesos (around 50,000 USD) for their special day! Amazing!
Which are the best beaches to get married in Mexico?
Thousands of kilometers of shore along the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, how to choose the best beach to get married in Mexico? We give you some advice:
Wedding at Ixtapa
Ixtapa weddings offer warm weather with soft sand beaches and calm waters. This place is gorgeous in terms of biodiversity, and we are sure that your guests will enjoy the nature and
fishing culture of the coast. Don’t forget to include a banquet with fish and seafood!
Wedding at Acapulco
One of the traditional and favorite places to get married in Mexico is Acapulco. For decades, this destination has been one of the favorites in Mexico thanks to its iconic beaches such
as Papagayo beach, Revolcadero, Puerto Marqués, or Barra Vieja.
Wedding at Mazatlan
Mazatlan has a beautiful downtown and a huge promenade which is the largest one in Mexico. Here, you will be able to enjoy not only local specialties such as shrimps with different recipes but also to look at the best sunsets of the Pacific coast. Mazatlan is also well known to host many parties at the beach bars.
Wedding at Huatulco
The weddings in Huatulco are becoming a big deal in Oaxaca! With more than 30 different beaches and delicious gastronomy full of mole and mezcal, this place is ready to welcome you to the most important day of your life. Do not hesitate and get to know what Huatulco has to offer you.
Wedding at Puerto Vallarta
The charming Puerto Vallarta opens its doors to celebrate your wedding here! With an impressive promenade and a cozy small town, this place is one of the favorites of international tourists when they visit Mexico. Beautiful, huge, and clean beaches are just the cherry on top here. Do not forget to delight your taste buds with the pescado zarandeado and the pozole with shrimp.
Wedding at the Caribbean
In the Caribbean, there are some alternatives with Quintana Roo as the main star. A wedding at Cancun, Holbox, Isla Mujeres, or even weddings at Cozumel, are some of the possibilities.
What do you need to celebrate a wedding at the beach?
Once you have chosen a destination, your next step is organizing the wedding. Many couples spend months or even years planning a fairy-tale wedding to be remembered by all their guests.
The first step when organizing your wedding is to know what permissions are necessary to celebrate an event like this and select those that have convenient access. In addition, it is important to always have a plan B in case of weather issues.
The second step is to consider the banquet which is a very relevant topic. A buffet or cocktail wedding is much easier to handle in a coastal environment.
If you are planning an international wedding, it will be necessary to plan travel dates and the tasks of the celebration such as organization, decoration, banquet, photography, and even lighting. Luckily, our Park Love service will help you to make this planning much more convenient.
With the help of Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, celebrating a beach wedding in Mexico will become an unforgettable memory for your friends and family who will honor you with their love.

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