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Attractions near Park Royal City Buenos Aires that you can reach walking

Destinations 19/01/2023
Argentina is the country that is on everyone's mind at the moment, this, because of the triumph of the national team in the Qatar World Cup, after 36 years of not lifting the trophy; and that is why we don’t miss the opportunity to recommend you take a tour around this beautiful South American country.

To begin with, we invite you to visit the capital, Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the south of the American continent, where you can stay at our Hotel Park Royal City Buenos Aires.

The hotel's location makes it the perfect place to explore the most iconic places in the city, as you can walk to many of the main attractions.

Here's a list of places to visit that are just minutes away:

Plaza San Martín
Walking time: 7 min

Located in El Retiro neighborhood, Plaza General San Martin was inaugurated in 1862 and declared a national historic site in 1942; it is one of the most representative cultural centers of Buenos Aires.

Plaza San Martin is one of the main green areas, making it the perfect space to host outdoor art exhibitions and disconnect a little from the busy city life.

Barrio El Retiro
Walking time: 11 min

El Retiro is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, its origins date back to the founding of Buenos Aires. That is why the neighborhood El Retiro, has one of the richest cultural offers in the city. Here you will find squares (such as Plaza San Martin that we mentioned before), museums, palaces, art galleries, and bars.

So, visiting El Retiro is a must if you want to delve into the city's history.

Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires
Teatro Colón
Walking time: 11 min

Music has always been an essential part of Buenos Aires, from tango to rock, ska, and opera does not fall on deaf ears. That's why you can't miss the Teatro Colon, considered one of the best opera houses in the world, thanks to its outstanding acoustics and size. In addition, its architecture makes it one of the most beautiful and attractive buildings in the Argentine capital, making it a must-see when exploring.

El Obelisco
Walking time: 16 minbr>
One of the most iconic buildings in Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the Obelisk, the center and inspiration of many, it stands as a great symbol of the city.

Located in the Plaza de la República, it was built in 1936 to commemorate the fourth centenary of the first founding of the city, so it is always a must to visit in Buenos Aires; as additional information, the Obelisk is about 67.5 meters high.

Walking time: 24 min

At this point, we are sure that you are more than interested in knowing and exploring the most important places in the city; hence the Microcentro is the ideal place for you, since it is one of the areas where you can find a lot of historical sites, such as the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada, the Manzana de las Luces, the Church of San Ignacio de Loyola, the Museum of the City, among other activities.

Known mainly for being the city's financial center, the Microcentro offers a wide variety of tourist attractions you cannot miss. As a recommendation, it is preferable to visit the area during the day, as there is much more activity.

So now you know, if you want to fly and enjoy the City of Fury, these are some of the places you can't miss when staying with us.
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