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Covid-19 measures for your travel

Hotels & Resorts 29/06/2021
After the pandemic events of the last year, the way we travel has changed and now we must take a few advice to have safe and happy holidays.

Undoubtedly for many of our readers, it has been quite a challenge having to get used to, for example, a flight of several hours with the mask on, or the uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) PCR Test, but let´s be honest, that advice will guarantee us, a safe and happy holiday.

We understand that submitting to these rules has not been easy, however, thanks to these actions that both international governments and citizens have carried out, the pandemic is increasingly close to being controlled.

At this moment, we cannot lower our defenses because the pandemic is still far from over, but at least now it is possible to resume little by little our routine enjoying safe and happy holiday. For that reason and because summer holidays are upon us, we enlist you the most recent rules for international flights between Mexico and the United States of America.

Remember to keep up with the most recent communications issued directly by the government of your country.

Travel from Mexico to national destinations

Domestic trips

What do you need to travel on a plane within Mexico?

Besides of wear face masks during the entire flight or land transfers, is highly recommended to wear a protective face shield. Also, you should carry an antibacterial gel and use it as many times as you consider it during the journey.

Once you arrived at your destination, the first thing you should do is to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds.

Travel from México to international destinations

Tips to traveling to the USA by plane

1.- Carry a PCR test or an antigen test from a laboratory, hospital, or pharmacy with a negative result. This test must have the name of the traveler, as it is in the passport. It is important to take this test within 3 days before the trip.

2.- You need to fill out an affidavit, where the negative result of Covid-19 is manifested in writing. This requirement only applies to air routes to the United States of America.

3.- You should wear all the time face masks in flights from and to the United States, you have also to wear it all times inside airports and transfers to other means of transportation

Foreign trips to Mexico

What should I do upon my arrival to Mexico?

Officially there are no restrictive rules within this country, but you may have to answer a questionnaire promoted by The Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) and The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT). Here we enlist the following steps:

1.- Access the platform (link a) Once inside, you must register with an email and password.

2.- Click on “Register questionnaire” and start to answer it. Remember, the system will only allow you to answer the questions related to “Health”, 12 hours before your flight, so you must have all the information about your ticket at hand because it will be requested.

If you plan to travel any time soon to the United States of America, the Caribbean, or the paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Pacific, then you should visit the Park Royal Hotels & Resorts main page

Where thanks to our Safe Guest Program, you will enjoy a safe stay in all the facilities of our hotels, thanks to the protocols of safety and hygiene, specially designed to take care of you from your arrival to your departure without interfering with your vacation experience.

Witness the perfect combinations of fun and tranquility to live unforgettable moments!

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