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Discover the best beaches in Huatulco

Entertainment 26/04/2022
Huatulco is a Mexican destination with countless attractions. Its unforgettable beaches and lush vegetation are some of the reasons that, every year, attract numerous tourists. So, if you are planning to visit and get to know the best beaches in Huatulco, pay close attention to this post, because there are some beaches that you cannot miss on your next stay!

5 Huatulco Beaches not do miss!

Huatulco offers nature and quietness, that's why from Park Royal Hotels & Resorts we invite you to discover the natural spaces of this town enjoying the services that one of the best hotels in Huatulco with beach has to offer.

La India Beach

With gentle waves and abundant vegetation, La India Beach stands out as one of the most beautiful beaches in Huatulco. And beyond being an ideal virgin beach to enjoy the sun, its seabed is composed of exotic animals such as puffer fish, trumpet fish, different corals, and butterfly fish. This is one of the beaches that you should take into account during your visit to this coast and is ideal if you are looking for a diving or snorkeling experience.

La Entrega Beach

Huatulco boasts such wonderful beaches as La Entrega, also known by visitors and locals as the "natural aquarium". Due to the richness of its seabed, this Huatulco beach is another excellent option for snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, thanks to its calm waves, paddleboarding, and swimming are two frequent activities in this natural space.
In addition, La Entrega beach offers not only an environment of relaxation but also a wide variety of restaurants and easy access to Santa Cruz Bay.

Chachacual Beach

If silence and tranquility are a priority for you, Chachacual Beach is the perfect place for you. It is not only one of the most ideal beaches in Huatulco to walk and enjoy its fine golden sand, but it is also surrounded by the exuberant vegetation of a National Park. However, because Playa Chachacual is an ecological reserve, there are no stores of any kind. The only way to access this bay is by boat, through the sea. Therefore, remember to bring your food and water. In addition, if you are lucky, you will be able to observe the birth of new turtles!

Esperanza Beach

Unlike the three previous beaches of Huatulco, Esperanza Beach is the most suitable destination for surfing and windsurfing lovers, because although it is not very deep, it stands out for its strong waves.
Esperanza Beach is bordered by numerous rock formations and rich vegetation, so if you are not too adept at water sports and visit Huatulco and its beaches with children, enjoying the surroundings will be a better option
Finally, Cacaluta Beach is one of the beaches of Huatulco that, without a doubt, you cannot miss on your trip to the coast of Oaxaca, because of the contrast between the golden sand, the intense green of the vegetation, and the vibrant blue of the sea make it an idyllic space. However, this is not the best option for small children due to the strong currents and waves.

Hotels in Huatulco with beach

As you have seen, Huatulco offers a multitude of alternatives, whatever your needs may be. If, in addition, after a whole day of adventures or exploration you want to return to a place where you can rest and have everything you need at your disposal, finding the best will be one of your most important tasks.
Park Royal Beach Huatulco
In the tropical jungle of Oaxaca, next to the Tangolunda Bay and the Pacific Ocean, is Park Royal Beach Huatulco, an ideal resort to enjoy the coast as a couple or family. Outdoor activities, flora, fauna, and exquisite gastronomy, wherewith the All-Inclusive Plan the enjoyment is assured.
Why don't you come and discover it for yourself, we’ll be waiting for you!
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