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Earth hour

Sustainability 24/03/2023
The impact of human life on Earth is increasingly palpable. Our planet, the only place we know with beautiful beaches, enormous deserts, endless forests and spectacular glaciers, requires that we take actions to counteract the footprint we’ve left on it. At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts we take this issue seriously and that’s why, in this entry, we’ll tell you a little more about it.

On this occasion we present a couple of international actions that seek to raise awareness about this issue. We also tell you a little about what you’ll find in some protected natural areas, which you can visit to feel in contact with nature and appreciate, increasingly, the wonders of our home, Earth.

“Earth Hour” 2024

The first action that we want to share with you will occur on March 23rd: the “Earth Hour”. This is an awareness campaign that seeks to generate reflection about the need to act on climate change.

This is a voluntary electrical blackout (of non-essential lights and electrical appliances). For one-hour (from 20:30 to 21:30 h) thousands of people, institutions and cities around the world carry out this action to give a break to the emission of contaminants and promote the reduction of light pollution.

The first time “Earth Hour” occurred was on March 31st, 2007, in Sydney, Australia, promoted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Leo Burnett advertising agency. Today, thousands of cities in 190 countries and territories have joined the call and we want you to be part of it too!

Earth's Day

In 2009, the United Nations (UN) declared April 22nd as Mother Earth Day, to promote actions focused on caring for and respecting the environment. This event also seeks to raise awareness about actions that disturb the planet's biodiversity, such as deforestation, changes in land use, excessive agricultural and livestock production or the growing illegal wildlife trade.

At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts we assume our responsibility in this regard through Royal Planet. Every day we carry out a set of actions that seek to generate a positive impact, while providing a responsible lodging experience. We recently replaced our single-use plastic amenities with dispensers; also installed water fountains to avoid plastic waste. We also organize social responsibility events, such as the participation of collaborators and guests in a garbage collection day within the framework of International Beach Cleanup Day, which is commemorated in September.

Natural areas to enjoy the planet

If after we’ve shared, you need more reasons to care for and love the planet, here we leave you some aspects of three beautiful places in our home, so that you are encouraged to visit them with the help of Park Royal Hotels & Resorts:

  • Huatulco National Park: It’s located in the municipality of Santa María Huatulco, in the state of Oaxaca, México. Just 10 minutes from Park Royal Beach Huatulco you’ll find this park with a warm subhumid climate, where the average annual temperature is 28°C. It is a paradise adorned by the Sierra Madre del Sur, as far as the waters of the Pacific Sea reach. There are nine bays with jungle vegetation, mangroves, temporary wetlands and beautiful beaches; You’ll also find sand dunes from which turtles spawn, and which end in beautiful coral and rock reefs.

  • Vicente Guerrero National Park: Recently named a reserved natural area, the park is made up of trails and viewpoints, from which you can appreciate the beauty of the national biodiversity, as it is home to more than 600 native species of flora and fauna, of which more than 70 are endemic. It’s located in the state of Guerrero, México, behind the urban area of Playa Linda, which is 13 minutes away from the Park Royal Beach Ixtapa.

  • The Humacao Natural Reserve: This is the first ecotourism natural reserve in Puerto Rico. Here you can rent kayaks, bicycles, or take guided walks to explore all the wonders that this island has to offer. It is located 15 minutes from Park Royal Homestay Club Cala Puerto Rico, so from here you can go to this site to have a day of activities that connect you with nature.

This planet is our home and that is why we want you to be infected by the energy of nature, to defend and love it and thus be able to spend endless hours on a beach, enjoying the tranquility of knowing that you contributed, a little more, to making this place a better place. We are waiting for you!
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