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Explore Miami with your senses

Destinations 24/07/2023
a statue of a colorful rooster in front of a welcome to calle ocho miami sign
Miami's history might be defined in many ways since it's always a surprise for visitors and for locals who are constantly discovering more relevant facts, things to do, and places to go in this unique place we've all heard of.

Whether for its glamorous and luxurious beaches or its extravagant lifestyle, Miami is perfect for those fearless travelers ready to shatter expectations.

A Little History

Thanks to its geographic location, its tropical weather, and beaches, Miami became an outstanding economic, financial, and tourist center during the first part of the 20th century when hotels and gastronomy had an important rise and high demand by celebrities and millionaires who decided to live in that region.

By 1980 and thanks to the Latin and Caribbean immigration, but mainly from Cuba, Miami became diversified and in a short time, the different artistic, linguistic, and cultural expressions changed until becoming a reference for the rest of the United States. As a result of this movement, in the following years, multiple television series and iconic movies of pop culture were filmed, such as Miami Vice, Dexter, Ace Ventura, Goldfinger versus 007, Marley and I, and of course, the iconic film Scarface directed by Brian de Palma.

A city of opposites

From South Beach to Coral Gables, Miami is a city full of activities to do and places to visit, therefore we have made a small list of the three most popular neighborhoods to visit which are located near Park Royal Miami Beach, an excellent accommodation option that will be the departure place for your next trip to this destination.
Let's go!

South Beach

Located 15 minutes from Park Royal Miami Beach, this is probably one of the most famous neighborhoods in Miami because of its beaches, Art Deco buildings, luxury brand stores, and nightlife.

hat you can't miss:
Santorini by Giorgios is probably the restaurant in trend for this 2023 where you can enjoy different Greek dishes prepared by its resident chef.

Little Havana

Only 20 minutes from Park Royal Miami Beach you will find this exciting neighborhood, characterized by its enormous Cuban and Latin influence. You'll mainly find cafes and restaurants more focused on Caribbean cuisine, as well as multiple stores selling Cuban products, murals, and street art.

What you can't miss:
Santorini by Giorgios is probably the restaurant in trend for this 2023 where you can enjoy different Greek dishes prepared by its resident chef.

Coconut Grove

A 20-minute drive from Park Royal Miami Beach, will take you to this place that is like a bohemian traveler's paradise, where you will find a large number of clothing and antique stores, as well as bars and restaurants without pretensions, but a great desire to get to know every little street in this colorful neighborhood.

What you can't miss:
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a stunning historic mansion, filled with gardens and outdoor architectural spaces where you will take the most impressive pictures of your trip.

Wynwood and Coral Gables are two other neighborhoods you can't miss however, now it's up to you to tell us about the experience of your next trip to Miami. Remember: your best lodging option awaits you at Park Royal Miami Beach, a comfortable hotel located a short distance from the places where magic and great travel begin.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!
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