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Isla Mujeres, the Magic Town

Destinations 13/06/2023
Isla Mujeres is located in a privileged point of the Yucatan peninsula, just 13 km from the tourist city of Cancun, both belong to the state of Quintana Roo. This island bathes in the Caribbean Sea, where you will bathe in crystal clear, warm and transparent waters.
Why is it called Isla Mujeres? Because of the multitude of statuettes of women found in it. Mayan women made a pilgrimage to this island and asked Ixche, goddess of fertility and the moon, fertility, a good birth and long life, offering her a statuette in the shape of a woman.
How can you get to this paradise island? You can take a ferry from Puerto Juárez and if you travel by car, take the ferry from Punta Sam. Now that you know how to get there, we will tell you the must-sees of this magical island.

Things you can do in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres was listed as a Magical Town in 2015 due to its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historical importance. Lover of natural phenomena? Do not miss the sunrises on Isla Mujeres from the dawn cliff or the sunsets from any of its beaches (Centro, North, Albatros, Tiburón and/or Lancheros beaches).

group of young people paddle surfing in isla mujeres

Discover Hidalgo street, the fertility statue and the rainbow stairs of Isla Mujeres

Isla mujeres is an island that can be explored in half an hour, rent a bike, motorbike or golf cart. However, be sure to enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere, its gastronomy and some of the must-sees that we will tell you below.
Calle Hidalgo is a pedestrian street in the center of the island, where you will find musicians, ice cream parlors, cafes, craft shops, restaurants, and bars. Enjoy touring it at any time of the day or night.
Visit the contemporary statue of the goddess Ixchel, located in the Mayan ruins (we'll tell you a little more about them in the next section) in the south of the island. This statue is in his temple, near the cliff.
Enjoy the art street and the Rainbow Stairs (perhaps one of the most photographed places on the island), each step is painted in various shades of colors and some of them with written words. Where can you find it? Leave the boardwalk on its west side and enter the inner streets.

Water activities in Isla Mujeres: snorkeling, diving and paddle surfing

Isla Mujeres offers various outdoor activities, some of which are enjoyed in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, its marine fauna and the largest barrier reef in the world.
Let's go snorkeling! Activity that will allow you to see rays, barracuda and hopefully turtles and dolphins. You can do it from:
  • Manchones Reef: it has a depth of 10m and is in front of Punta Sur

  • El Farito Reef: near the island and next to the abandoned lighthouse

  • Sac Bajo Reef: small but impressive reef

  • Sunken ship: different experience and is located in front of Isla Mujeres

  • El meco: shallow waters with sculptures of fingers

Diving is another aquatic activity that you can practice in Isla Mujeres, the reefs are shallow and with little or no current, which makes it suitable for all levels. The attraction of diving in Isla Mujeres is swimming with whale sharks, diving cenotes or even night diving.
Do you know paddle surfing? You stand on a surfboard and steer and propel it with a paddle or paddle. You do not need experience to practice it, just a desire to enjoy and have a good time. The good thing about this activity is that by standing up, you have a different perspective of the landscape and you can see the bottom of the sea more clearly.

Visit the underwater museum and swim with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres

The sculptures of the Underwater Museum of Art or MUSA can be seen from the depths of the sea (diving) or the surface (snorkeling or a boat with a transparent cover). The sculptures have a double function: aesthetics and promote coral growth due to the materials and cavities with which they are created.
We continue in the depths of the sea, this time to swim with the whale sharks. Don't be scared! They are completely docile fish, feed on plankton and are comfortable with humans. It is a protected species in Mexico, therefore, do not touch or feed them. The best time to see the biggest fish in the ocean between May and August. Also, if you are a lover of these giants, do not miss, the festival is dedicated to them between the months of June and July.

Hotels near Isla Mujeres: Grand Park Royal Cancun and Park Royal Beach Cancun

The hotels and resorts Grand Park Royal Cancún and Park Royal Beach Cancún are only 15 minutes from the pier where you can take the ferry to go to Isla Mujeres.
Our hotels have all the comforts you need to spend an unforgettable vacation: all-inclusive service and children's area, are some of the services they offer you. Also, you will be able to carry out activities that you cannot miss while in Cancun and enjoy the best of the best beaches in Cancun.
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