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Kabah Cancun Urban Park

Entertainment 29/08/2023
Welcome sign to Kabah Urban Park
Discover the Kabah Urban Park, a natural treasure in the beautiful city of Cancun. If you are a nature lover and you are planning to visit Cancun, you will love this information. Here you will find general details about the park, exciting activities and useful recommendations for your visit.

What does Kabah Urban Park offer?

The Kabah Urban Park is considered the green lung of Cancun. This protected natural area covers 41 hectares and was founded in 1995 with the aim of preserving the local flora and fauna.

In Kabah Park you can marvel at a wide variety of animals, such as turtles, birds, crocodiles, rabbits and spider monkeys. In addition, you will enjoy unique landscapes that make it an ideal attraction for nature lovers in Cancun. You will also find the Casa Maya Museum, a Mayan solar area and a natural area known as La Aguada.

Activities in Kabah Park

Although some people believe that there are few activities in the park, the truth is that it offers a variety of options to enjoy in its spaces:

Visit to the Casa Maya Museum

Discover the history of Cancun and Mayan traditions through images and exhibits at this popular museum. In addition, workshops for the whole family run by voluntary organizations are offered.

Sports tour

Explore the park's dirt trails, perfect for walking or jogging. With approximately 2 kilometers of extension, you will find gymnastic machines along the way to exercise. You can also practice yoga, meditation and zumba.

Walk through "La Aguada"

Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the peace that this green area of the park transmits. Observe animals such as lizards, birds, turtles and coatis. In addition, you can tour the place by bicycle, have a relaxing reading afternoon, enjoy workshops, exhibitions and the "Mercadito Verde". The park offers many alternatives for entertainment.

Tour of the Mayan Lot and Chiclero Camp

Explore the chiclero-style camp and a traditional house from the ancient Mayan civilization, with an incredible lot that will transport you to the pre-Hispanic era of Cancun.

Timetable and Location

The Kabah Urban Park is open from Monday to Sunday from 06:00 to 18:00. Admission is free. It is located on Avenida Kabah with Avenida Nichupté, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Do you need a hotel near Kabah Urban Park?

The Grand Park Royal Cancun hotel is located just 20 minutes from the park and the rest of the attractions in downtown Cancun, it also has a privileged location in the hotel zone of Cancun. We also have The Villas Cancún by Grand Park Royal, for those who like a quiet space with direct access to the beach. It is an exclusive area where comfort and luxury are mixed with privacy to offer new privileges to guests.
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