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Life is a carnival, and in Mazatlan, dance your sorrows away

Destinations 03/01/2022
Happy, colorful, and very familiar are just some of the adjectives with which we can describe the colossal carnival that has been taking place in Mazatlan for more than a century.

Some sources claim that this event is the 3rd largest in the world behind Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. The reality is that all the organizers of these massive events intend to show off the place that by popular tradition, the Mazatlecos have won.

The floats with neon lights that recreate famous palaces from all around the world are one of the most expected things for tourism in this event, but so are the striking costumes that the participants wear.

Mazatlan's carnival takes place 6 days before Ash Wednesday between the end of February and early March.

This event brings together national and foreign tourists year after year, where they all come to enjoy the traditional parade, as well as activities full of historical relevance and some others that celebrate the cultural diversity in Mexico.

Here we have compiled the most popular ones so you can schedule your next getaway to this destination:

Bad Mood Burning

What do you do when you fall from grace? Maybe you eat a whole liter of chocolate ice cream, or possibly you run a marathon to distract your mind. Well, in Mazatlan people have a very particular way of leaving bad things aside, literally making cardboard figures and burning them during the parade.

Just as you read it! Whether they are characters from public life such as politicians, or disowned community members, and even situations such as Covid-19, adversities come to an end (at least symbolically, in Mazatlan to the rhythm of banda music.

Floral Games

At the end of the 19th century and during the government of Porfirio Díaz, Mexico enjoyed abundance in terms of commerce and industry, in this environment the first floral games took place in the region. During this celebration, theatrical, musical, dance, and literary shows are held, as well as the traditional parade, where Mazatlan women wear striking and elegant costumes.


Another popular activity in this destination is the crowning of the carnival queen, which is chosen based on criteria designated by a qualifying jury. The first place adopts the title of queen of the carnival, while the second place takes the title of the queen of floral games.

Naval battle

This pyrotechnic show recalls the triumph of the liberal troops during the French invasion of 1864, where it is said that the Mazatlan people defended their position and successfully resisted the attack.

Get the best terrace near the port and don't miss this activity!

A special guest

To close this event, Mazatlan’s government invites different world-class artists, who delight the public with their music shows. The most famous artist that had performed during this event, are Danna Paola, Il Divo, Pepe Aguilar, J Balvin, Carlos Rivera, Yuri, María José, Remmy Valenzuela, among others.

For 2022 there is still no confirmation about the special guests, anyway, we invite you to stay tuned to the event social networks, where you can find verified information.

From February 24th to March 1st, 2022, allow yourself to celebrate as only Mazatlan knows. Are you ready to join this adventure?

With 131 comfortable rooms, an infinity heated pool overlooking the Pacific, an equipped gym, and a spa with services to relax after the carnival, Park Royal Beach Mazatlan is a comfortable and safe accommodation, located 25 minutes away from downtown where all this magic happens.

Let yourself be pampered by our service and live this experience in all its splendor!
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