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Mexican gastronomy: Delight your taste

Gastronomy 07/09/2021
We are sure that Mexican gastronomy is one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful country that attracts travelers with a demanding taste in food. Eating Mexican food is almost a ritual
Whether you prefer a fusion of Pacific seafood, or a traditional mole prepared with more than 30 ingredients, Mexico will always be your best option to enjoy an attractive gastronomic offer composed of ingredients from the old and new continents. The fact is that, without a doubt, the combination of Spanish and pre-Hispanic cuisine is what made Mexico earn the recognition of Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.
Beans, corn, cacao, zucchini, nopales, quelites, amaranth, and even insects such as grasshoppers or worms, are part of the basis of the diet followed by indigenous people to this day, in states such as Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, among others.
After the Spanish conquest in our country, ingredients like milk, pork, beef, pepper, cinnamon, and cereals such as wheat, barley, and rice were introduced to Mexico.
In this national month, at Park Royal Hotels and Resorts, we want you to know the most representative dishes of the miscegenation food you will eat in Mexico, which besides being delicious are part of our cultural identity.


This is one of the favorite dishes of Mexican gastronomy. Also, this is a recipe that mix two different cultures because sheep were introduced to America with the arrival of Columbus.
However, the making of this recipe is native to pre-Hispanic people and consists of cooking food in a hole in the ground, like an oven, so that the meat does not lose its juice or flavor.

Chile en Nogada

The most accepted version of the origin of this dish is that it was created by the Augustinian nuns in the Santa Monica convent at Puebla City and was thought of as a special recipe to celebrate the independence of Mexico by alluding to the colors of the flag, green, white and red. And although the poblano pepper if it is native to our country, the ingredients like the pomegranate and the Castile walnut make it a typical dish of miscegenation.


The favorite dish for the young and grown-ups during September also comes from miscegenation. During the pre-Hispanic period, it was usually prepared with cacahuazintle corn and served only to rulers and priests. However, after the Spanish conquest, the recipe was modified by including pork instead of guajolote.
At Park Royal Hotels and Resorts, we are a 100% Mexican Resorts chain, and we want to celebrate our patriotic month with a wide selection of traditional Mexican gastronomy, to delight our guests.
We know it's the little details that make a difference, so we’ll complement your dining experience with a series of iconic shows from our national holiday, such as traditional dances that will make you scream during your stay:
Viva Mexico!
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