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Mexican Kermesse at Grand Park Royal Cozumel

Destinations 07/09/2022
September is a month full of parties, colors, celebrations and wholesale Mexican food, and it is that on the morning of September 15, the cry of independence was given in the city of Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato , an event that year after year, Mexicans celebrate in different states throughout Mexico and although at Grand Park Royal Cozumel, kermesse mexicanala is always part of the resort's activities, we believe that this activity is perfect to celebrate the month of September within our resort in most beautiful island in the Mexican Caribbean.

A very Mexican plan

Probably after having dinner, you feel like "doing something else" and we know that going to sleep in your room early is not an option that you would want to consider while on vacation, so, taking advantage of the semi-formal outfit of dinner, what Would you like to go to a very special party without leaving the hotel?

The fun Funtastic Team, hand in hand with our gastronomic team and mixologists, will be responsible for both the assembly and the realization of our traditional Mexican kermesse at Grand Park Royal Cozumel, which you can enjoy in the area near the lobby stairs. .

Let's warm up engines!

To start the experience, we are sure that you will need something to refresh yourself, so come to the team of mixologists and ask for the special drink of the event, which changes according to the season, we are sure that you will get a pleasant and delicious drink! surprise!

In addition, and as in any kermesse, snacks cannot be missing, you will find a table with crudités, sweets, desserts and other appetizers so you can live and celebrate the best atmosphere from this beautiful resort, of course, while all this happens, our resident DJ, It will have popular Mexican music in the background, which will put a great atmosphere.

let the games begin

Before starting, the animators of our Funtastic Team will give you some prop tickets with which you will have to pay your participation in the different games that are: lottery with darts, target shooting and marbles.

Namely; If you would like to participate in the game of marbles, you will need to pay a small amount of the prop tickets to the game manager. If you win, you will be rewarded with an additional symbolic amount, and if you lose, you will not get back the money you paid to participate. This means that the more skills you have within the different games and the more victories you accumulate, the more money you can get and thus, you will participate in the final auction where you can win different prizes.

At 1, at 2 and at 3!

After having tried your luck in the different games, you will have already collected a certain amount of fictitious money, so count it well and collect a check for the amount you have and get ready, because the prizes that you will be able to acquire will be made through a very fun auction .

We hope you have a great time and that you tell us through social networks, how was your experience in this kermesse!

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