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Movies recorded in Mexico

Destinations 12/12/2023
The different destinations that we find in Mexico are world-renowned for their paradisiacal beaches and magical landscapes. Of course, in the world of cinema, it could not be less and there are a large number of films that are shot in this territory and surely you did not know it or had not realized it.

From Park Royal Hotels & Resorts we want to invite you to discover these places where you never thought one of your movies would be favorites was filmed there and many of them are quite close to the different hotels of the chain, so if you are thinking of visiting us or you already know that you will be with us soon you can identify which film setting you can visit during your stay.


If we talk about the film industry and its history, we cannot leave without mentioning one of the most famous films of all time and which in its time won 13 Oscar awards among the 16 nominations it received from the academy.

In this case, this famous feature film carried out several shoots on Rosarito beach in Baja California, a beach that was already famous for fishing, surfing, its crystal-clear waters, its landscape, etc., since the film was released many years ago. years is also one of the reasons why this place is so famous.

Old photograph of the Titanic

Rambo: First Blood Part II

In this case, the place where the famous Rambo II movie was filmed is Acapulco, one of the most famous tourist destinations in all of Mexico and which, in addition, also attracts many people due to its proximity to Mexico City, the country's capital.

In 1985, the director of the “Rambo” saga decided to take the filming of the second installment to the beaches of Acapulco together with the main actor and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone and a budget for the making of the film of 25 million dollars.

Some of the most recognized places in Acapulco that appear in the film are some of its beaches as well as the El Salto Waterfall that belongs to Coyuca de Benítez, in Guerrero, which is only about 15 minutes by car from Park Royal Beach Acapulco.

Bad Boys “For Life”

The films that we are discussing in this article are classic films with a lot of history, but in this case we want to talk to you about a more recent one that premiered in 2020 and was recorded in two different locations near Mexico City.

We are referring to Bad Boys “For Life”, the third installment of the famous film saga starring the world-renowned Will Smith and his acting partner Martin Lawrence.

In Bad Boys, Will and Martin play the role of two partners who work as rogue detectives who will use any method to take down criminals.

The two locations chosen for the production and direction of the film were none other than the cities of Yautepec, Morelos and Naucalpan, State of Mexico. This choice is due to the plot of the film in which they must stop a Mexican Drug Trafficker played by actress Kate del Castillo.

Kill Bill: Volume II

In the film industry, many times it is not the films themselves or the protagonists that draw the attention of the project and there are several film directors who raise passions with their work.

In this case, we are referring to the great Quentin Tarantino, whose works are world-renowned and, one of them, was recorded in several locations in the state of Jalisco, highlighting the coast of Careyes.

We are referring to the second release of the Kill Bill saga, which takes place in this private and paradisiacal place. An ideal location to develop the character of “The Bride” played by Uma Thurman who searches for the evil Bill in the film to kill him.

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino conversing during the filming
of Kill Bill


In Los Cabos, Baja California, is located Park Royal Homestay Los Cabos so if you are thinking about staying with us, we would like to invite you to visit several of the locations in Los Cabos where a film as famous and historic as “Troy” was filmed.

During this filming, several world-famous Hollywood actors were enjoying the unique landscapes that Baja California offers, among them we were able to see Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana.

The main reason why this film was filmed in this place is because of its resemblance to the Greek coasts, which made it the ideal location.

Beach of Los Cabos in Baja California

After discovering that many of the scenes you have enjoyed in films as famous as these are within your reach, if you visit any of the Park Royal Hotels & Resorts. Do not miss out!

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