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Of architecture, inspiration and sculptures

Entertainment 16/05/2022
Baptized with the name Enrique Carbajal González, but better known as "Sebastian" within the art world is a famous Mexican sculptor who is a specialist in the so-called “monumental sculpture” whose concept is to balance the function and the size of an artwork.
Famous for being the artist behind the iconic Torre Caballito Building located in Mexico City, Sebastian is perhaps one of the most influential contemporary sculptors who have captured in different countries around the world a unique, geometric, monumental, and visually impressive style that endures in the mind of the so-called “great public”.
Park Royal Hotels & Resorts team had the opportunity to talk with Sebastian, for this newsletter edition focused on Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta, where at the main entrance of this resort, you will find a sculpture made by the famous artist that is the result of mixing inspiration and travel.
Keep reading and discover what motivates the artist when making his sculptures.
Inspiration. The first ingredient of creativity
The slogan of our hotel chain, "Inspiring emotions" arises precisely from that stimulus called inspiration, from that amazement that we want to transmit to our guests, from that force that mobilizes us to leave a mark in the memory of all those who visit our hotels and resorts.
For us, inspiration waits in the details, lives inside the persons, and sleep in small spaces.
That same inspirational force is the muse that unconditionally accompanies the work of the sculptor who affirms that: [... “Inspiration is walking through leisure while your whole concept is accommodated, right where you want, and there comes a time when it is ready, you put everything together and start doing it...”]
After almost a half-century of a career in Mexico and in the world, Sebastian has put together all his inspiration to create a unique language that translates into symmetrical and colorful sculptures that are always exposed, are part of the environment, and become the property of everyone who contemplates them.
Abstraction made work of art
For Sebastian, his art [... “it is not only the will of the artist, but it is also the will of the one who commissions it and of the one who has in mind that this is going to work for his clients” ...]
With this in mind, Sebastian conceptualized and created “4 Seasons”, the blue sculpture that welcomes our guests at Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta and whose concept, in the artist's voice, is an element that blends with the environment.
Now that you know a little more about the work and motivations of the artist, we are sure that on your next visit to Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta, you will see Sebastian's sculpture with different eyes. But get ready, because "4 Seasons" is not the only sculpture that dresses our hotels and resorts, but that is another story.
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