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Park Royal Beach Huatulco: a beautiful place surrounded by wildlife

Destinations 07/07/2022
If you are a nature lover and appreciate the wildlife that each destination has to offer, Huatulco, Oaxaca will be a great option. In addition to its beautiful bays and crystal-clear waters, Huatulco is a true paradise and an ideal place to vacation, since still retains its natural wealth, and the fact of leaning out of a window to contemplate such a spectacular landscape is priceless. In addition, the fauna of the land and marine region of this Mexican Pacific destination, as well as its vegetation is very important because it presents species that do not exist anywhere else in the world.
What would you think if, in addition to this experience with nature, you stay in a hotel which will allow you to do it in a relaxed way, letting yourself be pampered and enjoy to the fullest? All this and more, live it more in Park Royal Beach Huatulco.
The gardens of Park Royal Beach Huatulco hide many surprises about the rainforest. These are some of the species that you will be able to observe in the resort, so that with every step you take, you can appreciate them and why not, make them famous through your social networks.
There are 1,060 species of birds registered in Mexico, distributed in different environments. One of the main ecosystems of Huatulco is the deciduous forest and some of the many types that you can admire are chachalacas, common caracara, frentiroja parakeet, and brown owl, beautiful white-faced magpie.
In Huatulco, there are approximately 264 species and subspecies of mammals. The most common ones that you can find in this region are raccoons, coatis, armadillos, northern tlacuaches, rabbits, and the well-known Mexican grey squirrel.
They are ectothermic animals, which means that their activity depends on the environmental temperature. Some of the reptiles that you can find and take a picture of the memory are green iguanas, silky abanquillos, or Mexican ticuliches.
If you are looking for even more extensive fauna and flora, we invite you to visit the Huatulco Bay National Park, a federally protected natural area, with ecosystems to conserve Mexican biodiversity. You can get to know it while horseback riding or walking with a guide, they also offer ecotourism activities such as bird watching, downhill biking, cultural trails, interpretive walks, and activities in the marine area.
Don't wait any longer and take the opportunity to be in contact with nature!
Besides taking a vacation that no one can't enjoy, don't you think? You already have the destination for your next getaway, and at Park Royal Beach Huatulco we are ready to welcome you. Our resort has pools with spectacular views of the bay's sunsets, a delicious all-inclusive gastronomic offer, an entertainment program, and other amenities that you will surely enjoy. We are waiting for you!
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