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Playa del Carmen's Quinta Avenida: discover the essence of coastal life

Destinations 16/04/2024
a busy street at night with a sign that says ' mexico ' on it
Welcome to the vibrant Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue), the dynamic heart of Playa del Carmen! This beautiful boulevard, which extends along the coast of Playa del Carmen, is much more than just a street; it's a showcase of the cultural, commercial and gastronomic wealth that this tourist gem of the Mexican Caribbean has to offer.

Discover these 4 km of pedestrian street that will captivate you, thanks to the large number of bars, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, shops, sales of crafts and souvenirs that are there. Allow yourself to be carried away by the unique energy of the place, where every corner tells a fascinating story and each experience offers a feast for the senses.

Finding La Quinta Avenida is a simple task. You can walk there from most local hotels or take a taxi if you prefer a more convenient option. If you are in one of the nearby areas, public transportation is also an accessible and convenient alternative.

5th Avenue Playa del Carmen: a world of shopping and culture

The Quinta Comercial of Playa del Carmen, that's what they call the street where shopping and culture intertwine in a fascinating mix of experiences. This corner invites you to explore a world full of fascinating shops, art galleries and boutiques that capture the very essence of Mexico's cultural wealth. The contrast between the shops is a characteristic of the area, as you will find small local boutiques with artisanal and typical products from the region; as well as internationally recognized brands inside the Quinta Alegría, Calle Corazón and Paseo del Carmen shopping centers, where you will find the latest fashion trends.

Discover every corner of this passage in which traditions mix with the latest trends. Here we leave you some recommendations for you to visit:

Sol Jaguar: crafts and local talent

Enter the world of Mexican creativity at Sol Jaguar, a corner where local art and crafts merge. From colorful textiles to unique sculptures, this space is a window to the creative expression of talented artists from the region. It stands out among other establishments due to the high quality of its products, handcrafted by the best local artisans. Among their products, you can find all kinds of wall art, home textiles, shawls, sculptures, etc.

Image of a handmade Mexican shawl

Wayan Village: art and spirituality

Wayan Village seems to have a spiritual aura. It is a space where creativity and spirituality intertwine their paths. You will find unique creations that take inspiration from the rich Mayan culture, allowing you to take with you more than an object, a deep connection with the spiritual heritage of the region.

Here each piece of art is a portal to the Mayan worldview, where symbolic elements merge with local craftsmanship. You will find everything from decorative sculptures and wooden souvenirs to contemporary works.

Hacienda Tequila and Tequila Museum: liquid tradition

Do you like Tequila? If so, Hacienda Tequila and Tequila Museum are your place in La Quinta. Here you can learn about the fascinating universe of this drink, from the cultivation of the agave, the art of distillation, to the making of the bottle.

The Tequila Museum reveals the history and evolution of tequila over time. Through exhibits highlighting the diversity of brands, types of tequila and production methods, this museum guides you through the fascinating world of tequila and awakens your senses through guided tastings. Discover the secrets behind each golden drop and allow your senses to awaken!

Image of the entrance of Hacienda Tequila and Tequila Museum

Rosalia Mayan Textiles: tradition between threads

At Textiles Mayas Rosalia, each thread unravels a captivating story. Discover the essence of Mayan textiles by taking with you a unique piece that reflects the craftsmanship, quality and originality rooted in local communities.

Tradition and skill intertwine to create works that go beyond simple fabrics, as each piece is a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of a skill passed down from generation to generation. These textiles are not only art in themselves, but also a means to preserve ancient traditions and directly support local communities.

Image of colorful handmade Mayan textiles

Ah Cacao: chocolate delights

A heavenly chocolate experience at Ah Cacao, where all your senses will awaken with their creations made with local cocoa. From irresistible bars to seductive drinks, this corner is a true paradise for chocolate lovers. Here, chocolate is elevated to the category of sensory experience. Each bite and sip immerses you in the richness and intensity of the authentic flavors of Mexican cocoa, carefully grown on local lands. Taste high-quality chocolate, in which freshness and quality combine to create moments of true pleasure.

Image of a cocoa shake

Jellyfish Lamp: creative lighting

Give a unique touch to your home with the captivating lamps from Jellyfish Lamp. This exclusive establishment invites you to discover a unique selection of creative lighting that is inspired by the amazing wonders of the ocean.

Each lamp is a masterpiece carefully designed to capture the essence of jellyfish and other marine elements, thus creating a unique and chill atmosphere in your space. They are made with pumpkins and gourds, in addition to being adorned with seashells, tinted glass and blown glass, making your home a reflection of the fascination that the ocean evokes.

Image of the famous Jellyfish Lamp

Hamacamarte: rest and tradition

Learn the art of true relaxation at Hamacamarte. This charming corner invites you to discover an exclusive selection of hammocks hand-woven in Yucatan, giving you the unique opportunity to take with you an authentic piece of Mexican tradition to enjoy incomparable moments of rest.

You will also find other products, made 100% by hand, such as swings, baskets, table decorations, bags, etc. Each hammock is a testament to the skill of talented local weavers who have perfected the art of creating these lounging treasures.

Image of a person resting in a Mexican-style hammock

Quinta Gastronomy: a banquet for the palate

Welcome to the other side of La Quinta Avenida! In this feast of unmatched flavors, called the Quinta Gastronómica, you will find that culinary excellence becomes a unique experience for the palate in some of the best bars and restaurants in the Riviera Maya.

We invite you to explore a banquet of delicacies that fuse the traditional with the contemporary, taking you on a culinary journey through the authentic roots of Mexico and beyond. Discover the art of cooking elevated to its highest expression!

Image of bars and restaurants on Fifth Avenue

Frida Kahlo: fusion cuisine

In Frida Kahlo, gastronomy becomes a work of culinary art. Immerse yourself in a fusion of Mexican and international flavors, carefully prepared to transport you to a universe of sensations. It is a tribute to the famous Mexican painter, full of color and vitality it proposes giving each dish an expression of creativity and passion, celebrating the richness of Mexican cuisine with contemporary touches.

Don't forget to visit the Frida Kahlo museum in Playa del Carmen, which features interactive exhibitions, sculptures and collages of reproductions of this surrealist artist.

Patanegra: Spanish tapas bar

This gastronomic journey will transport you directly to Spain: in Patanegra, you will find a traditional pintxería (tapas bar) that offers a unique experience, combining the authenticity of Spanish gastronomy with the freshness of local ingredients.

Delight your palate with an exquisite selection of tapas and pinchos, carefully prepared to awaken all your senses with the characteristic flavors and aromas of Spanish cuisine.

Spices: Mexican dishes

Spices is a tribute to authentic Mexican cuisine, offering you a culinary experience that represents the deepest roots of Mexico. Explore a diversity of flavors and aromas that characterize the most basic dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine, in exquisite preparations made with fresh ingredients and ancestral culinary techniques, transmitted from generation to generation.

La Perla Pixán Cuisine: Mexican gastronomy

It embodies the purest essence of Mexican gastronomy. Each dish reflects the care and dedication they put into each gastronomic creation. The menu at La Perla Pixán is a tribute to the diversity of ingredients and culinary techniques that have shaped Mexican tradition. In this culinary corner, each experience is a journey through the flavors that define Mexico.

Las Hijas de la Tostada: Mexican street food

Delve into the genuine essence of Mexican street food at Las Hijas de la Tostada. This gastronomic corner invites you to discover fresh toasts full of flavors. Not only do they serve delicious dishes, but they also take you into the street life of this charming coastal city.

Fundadores Park and Mayan Portal: history meets the sea

A few steps from the golden sand, Parque Fundadores and Portal Maya appear as a fascinating encounter between history and the majesty of the sea in Playa del Carmen. This emblematic place invites you to enjoy the sea breeze and magical walks through the cultural footprints of Mexico.

The iconic sculpture of Portal Maya, imposing and full of symbolism, acts as the threshold to a world where the past and present harmoniously intertwine.

You will also find the Voladores de Papantla who, with their aerial grace, demonstrate an ancient tradition dressed in colorful outfits and pay tribute to the indigenous roots of Mexico.

Every corner of Parque Fundadores and Portal Maya are an open window to the cultural wealth of the country.

Image of Founders Park and Portal Maya

How to get to La Quinta Avenida

At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, we offer you different possibilities to get closer to this area, in case you decide to stay at any of our resorts, whether Grand Park Royal Cancun, Park Royal Beach Cancun, The Villas Cancun by Grand Park Royal, or Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

There are several ways to get from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, although the most used is to take the ADO buses, as they are safe, comfortable and punctual. Another option is to take the Playa Express collective buses or the Servicio Colectivo Foráneo (Foreign Collective Service), in addition to always having the option of taking a taxi or renting a car. If you are in Cozumel, you can get there by ferry.

Playa del Carmen's Fifth Avenue (La Quinta Avenida) is much more than a street; It is a trip that embraces the culture, gastronomy and history of Mexico. With each step, you will discover the essence of this coastal city, fusing the ancient with the modern in a melting pot of experiences. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Playa del Carmen and create memories that will last forever!
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