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Say goodbye to the old ideas: Mayan New Year rituals

Entertainment 22/11/2023
New Year’s eve is the moment where we can start a different cycle. Since ancient cultures, this type of festivals have already been celebrated, although not necessarily on the same dates as now. The difference in calendars and beliefs does not prevent the traditions and customs inherited from that time from leaving us a universe of possibilities to receive 2024.
For the Mayans, the beginning of the year took place around our month of July, which was for them the month of Pop. During this period they took a break to mark the beginning of a new cycle. It is from these festivities that we inherit rituals that are useful for those who want to receive a new year in a different way.
For most ancient cultures, cooking is one of the most important ritual moments to welcome a new year, but so are bodily rituals, such as cleaning houses, and performing ceremonial dances.
The idea of New Year's celebrations is to get rid of the old to welcome the future, the unknown.

Cleanliness and welcome to the new

According to historical research, it is known that the Mayan culture did celebrate the New Year’s eve in a very particular way. During the dates that they recognized as the beginning of the cycle, they worshiped all their idols and renewed the things they had as part of the household service, such as clothing, benches, and food vessels.
A tradition stands out that was of vital importance to welcome the year: sweeping and cleaning the houses to getting rid of old things that were thrown into the trash. This custom of cleaning houses with a broom is linked to the idea of renewing the energy of homes, with the intention that what happens next year will be beautiful.

Time for reflection

Of utmost importance for this culture was to dedicate a moment of personal reflection, to cleanse the spirit and contact nature. Observe and be present in your reality based on the basic elements: earth, water, fire and wind.
For this reason, fasting was a tradition that preceded the New Year festivities, as it helps to remain grateful to “Mother Nature”. The last days of the year were intended to contribute to becoming better people and taking the experiences as learning.

Incense, dances and new fire

Having prepared for the beginning of the new cycle, the ritual of the sacred fire could begin, presided over by Mayan priests who were dedicated to honoring all the gods. The “chaac” burned incense before the altars and on the New Year, all the males gathered in the temple courtyard to have a special dance and banquet.
A delicious feast, barbecues, dancing and Mayan purification rituals, among others, are some of the elements that Grand Park Royal Cozumel has prepared for you to spend this New Year. In this resort you can live the magic of the rituals that we present to you.
Ceremonies can also be held in the cenotes in the region. Located in the heart of the Mayan jungle, they are considered sacred places, so ceremonies are carried out to leave offerings and sacrifices, but understood from a more humanistic vision, so flowers are left and incense is burned or danced as thanks.
You have the best way to enjoy yourself. Don't forget to receive with the best attitude the first hours of a year that, we hope, will be very happy.
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