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Take some time for yourself at Park Royal Beach Huatulco

Destinations 11/07/2022
One thing you can't miss on a vacation is taking time to relax. And we know that when traveling, there are several ways to achieve this by walking, exercising, reading, swimming, or going to a spa.

At Park Royal Beach Huatulco, you can find all the relaxation you are looking for in its Eco Spa. A space where our guests will find an unforgettable experience of relaxation and harmony.

The space of the place makes architectural reference to Mitla, the ancient ceremonial center of the Zapotecs, where the experience and the accompaniment within the spa facilities, the fragrance, and the chosen music take us to a state of relaxation and introspection, allowing us to design a personalized session for the guests.

Our spa proposes a path of health and natural wellness, inducing the body, through pleasure, comfort, and containment to a state of relaxation and absence of tension that eliminates stress by restoring the state of harmony and balance of the body with the mind, through the following services:


Spectacular refiling is a treatment that stimulates collagen production and is a progressive plumping effect.

Supremo H2O is a moisturizing, skin-firming treatment that also mattifies the skin.

Multi-perfection for men is a treatment that promotes oxygenation and elasticity in the tissues.

And finally, Tensolif, a treatment that regenerates tissues, smoothing and resting facial features.


Donaji is a chocolate-based body scrub that increases tissue firmness and elasticity and stimulates endorphin production.

Yuc Hab, a preparation based on yucca, aloe, and chaya extracts, which moisturizes, re-mineralizes, and serves as an antioxidant for the skin.

Ginger Men, a green tea and ginger body scrub to energize, drain and refresh.

And finally, Angel Foam, a treatment exclusively for children, which softens their skin based on honey and oatmeal.


We have the classic relaxing and gentle massage, perfect for a vacation break and a great couple's experience.

The Zoque and Zapotec are specialized massages to de-contract the body.

Lymphatic drainage is a massage to drain, eliminate toxins and help fluid retention.

In the hot stone massage, the objective is to reduce inflammation with the heat of the stones on the back.

Finally, we have therapeutic massages for more specific situations such as cupping technique or cupping.

We have services and amenities within the spa for extra relaxation such as:

Steam with herbs


Facial moisturizers

Contrast showers

Moisturizing tea


For an even more holistic and spiritual experience, the hotel has two outdoor and beachfront activities, to connect with nature and with oneself: The Zapotec sunrise, which is a ceremony to give a greeting to the sun, and a health ceremony by the ocean.

This is just a small dip of all that our staff can do for you, to return home with a sense of relaxation and harmony in addition to the rest and fun that Park Royal Beach Huatulco can offer you. Also, our offer includes entertainment during the day and night, a pool and bar, a beach, and a wide and delicious gastronomic offer. What more can you ask for?

Are you ready to make your reservation, pack your bags and get pampered? We are waiting for you!
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