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Thanksgiving day: A day full of tradition, culture, and a delicious menu

Gastronomy 08/11/2021
November has started and also, one of the most recognized holidays worldwide is coming, even though it is only celebrated in one country originally. That's right! We are talking about Thanksgiving Day.
It is a very important celebration in the American culture that was not a national holiday until 1863, although the tradition goes back to 1621 when the first settlers in the northeast of the country offered a joint dinner with the local Indians to celebrate their first harvest in America.
That's why one of the central qualities of Thanksgiving is gratitude. One of the most common family traditions is to sit around the table together and share something that happened during the year that they are thankful for, bringing everyone together in a very emotional way. Among other traditions, the undeniably and delicious tradition will always be the food.
The typical gastronomy of Thanksgiving is an authentic feast. A feature that remains to this day, is the dishes where seasonal products stand out, especially those related to the late summer and autumn harvests. Here is an example of a typical menu for this beautiful celebration:
The turkey, the central star of the table
Whether it’s roasted, grilled or fried, this is the holiday main dish. Everyone knows that this a dish that takes several hours to cook. So, it is always a tradition to start preparing it early in the morning.
The special touch to the main course
Some the most common side dishes at Thanksgiving are green beans, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. In this celebration, it is customary to mix sweet and salty flavors.
The most awaited part always
One of the most traditional desserts is an apple pie with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream for a more festive touch. But without a doubt, the dessert that can't be missed is the pumpkin pie.
As you can see, the Thanksgiving dinner has many traditional dishes that make it a great celebration for our neighbors in the United States. At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, we love to learn about culinary cultures, that's why on that dates, several of our hotels serve a special menu, offering the traditional turkey with different side dishes so that our guests can have a small taste of this incredible delicacy and delicious tradition.
So, if you're staying at one of our hotels this holiday season, you can still join in the Thanksgiving tradition!
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