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The best diving locations at Cozumel

Destinations 21/09/2021
The Yucatan Peninsula offers divers the greatest breathtaking views under the sea. That's the reason why Cozumel is part of the second-largest reef in the world: the Great Mayan Reef. If on your trip to Cozumel you are planning to dive under the sea, keep reading to find out where are the best places to dive on this wonderful island called Cozumel.
5 essential diving spots
Diving trips are the ideal time to enjoy the sport, the underwater wonders, the beauty of the area, and finally to get some rest.
So, if you travel to Cozumel intending to enjoy its depths, we recommend you stay in one of the best hotels on Cozumel: Grand Park Royal Cozumel, it's very close to the diving areas and ideal for recharging batteries and returning, again and again, to the water.
This dive point is our first stop, it is part of the Cozumel's National Reef Park and offers dives up to 30 meters deep. Here you’ll find attractions such as La Herradura, a colorful reef formation, and the beautiful Palancar Gardens.
What wildlife will you find? Sharks and barracudas, plus an underwater life show.
Chankanaab Reef
The Chankanaab Reef is one of the must-visits for your trip to Cozumel because it boasts of those known as "balls" o masses corallines, some famous formations of several meters wide and high that welcome a very diverse fauna. At this point, you can also enjoy stingrays and the C53 Felipe Xicoténcatl, a sunken ship about 24 meters deep, full of marine life.
Cedral Pass
The Cedral Pass is named after an ancient Mayan settlement located inside Cedral Beach. Accessible for beginner divers, it is an ideal destination for deeper dives; in fact, the reef that is part of this beach is located about 16 meters deep.
The currents of this area are kind of strong, so it is possible to delight your eyes with the most typical fish of the region, such as morays and barracudas. Turtles and some nurse sharks have also been sighted. No wonder this spot is known to underwater photography enthusiasts.
Ideal for beginners, this diving spot has a slight depth. However, it has amazing biodiversity: corals, sponges, and sea turtles are some of the animals that can be seen. And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a chance to see a nurse shark!
Santa Rosa Wall
The dives in Santa Rosa have the characteristics of being more classic, although not less impressive. This vertical wall extends from 10 to 30 meters deep and has caves and ledges.
A detail to keep in mind is the fast currents that surround the wall.
Diving and hotels in Cozumel
Whether you choose the service of our hotel to go scuba diving or if you contact a dive center in the area, we recommend you do it during the months with less rain and more acceptable color, such as May. However, every month of the year has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the period from July to September is known for its high temperatures and hurricanes but offers better visibility for divers.
Besides selecting the right season for your trip, it is very important to choose a great hotel in Cozumel where you can relax. At Grand Park Royal Cozumel, we are waiting for you with an exclusive beach, beachfront pools, and an extraordinary gastronomic offer where you can regain your strength and relax.
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