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Whale watching season begins

Entertainment 20/11/2023
Whale watching in Los Cabos
One of the favorite activities for those who love nature has finally arrived to Los Cabos! Watch humpback whales in their natural environment and get ready to experience one of the most impressive natural spectacles that Mexico has to offer.
Without any doubt, one of the best times to visit Mexican beaches is during the summer, however, we rarely visit beaches during the holiday season, often because of mistaken beliefs that the weather is not the best, but don't let yourself be fooled and get to know a new perspective of this season and activity!

Why you can see whales in Los Cabos?

According to SEMARNAT (Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) data, the whale watching season occurs from mid-December to April and, it is known that these huge cetaceans prefer the waters of the Baja California Peninsula, which separates the Gulf of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean for two activities: mating and whale breeding.
Every year hundreds of whales' travel thousands of kilometers to feed and mate, their migration helps to ensure the health of the oceans, according to environmental organizations such as WWF.

On average, a whale can give birth to one calf per year and the gestation time is 12 months, so the calves are conceived and born in these same waters.

How many whales can you see in a day in Los Cabos?

Although there is not an exact number, hundreds of travelers who have visited this area during the whale watching season report that they have seen from 4 to 6 whales per day along Los Cabos coasts which are visible not only on board the small tourist boats that you can rent in the area, but also thanks to the eye of drones that fly over this amazing spectacle.
In addition, the color of the water is perfect to contemplate them from every angle. The species that can be found most often are the humpback whales. They are dark-colored and quite friendly. The atmosphere that you can feel is very familiar, as they play among themselves with the calves that are born in the Mexican waters.
You can also find whale sharks, which can begin to be sighted in October, as well as gray whales, a species that tends to nest near the coast and it is possible to watch them without having to go into the sea.
The best time to see whales in Los Cabos is in the morning, which is the time when humpback whales feed in groups and congregate with calves. Towards the middle of the day, the cetaceans' swimming activity increases, so they can be found in deeper waters.

To watch them, visit natural parks and reserves

These magnificent marine animals can be watched in natural reserves such as El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve located in Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio Lagoons.

Another place to observe them is the Cabo San Lucas Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFF), which includes the area near the Cabo San Lucas Arch and provides the perfect setting for photographing one of the most popular sights in the area full of these beautiful animals. Don't miss the opportunity to meet them and to enhance your experience at Hotel Park Royal Homestay Los Cabos, the perfect place to live your vacation with freedom and comfort.
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