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What is Tejuino?

Gastronomy 03/01/2024
cornfield in Nayarit
Mexico has always been a country famous for being the origin of corn that we use almost daily in the rest of the world today, and it is a food with uncountable variants and benefits.

There are several typical drinks from Mexico that even date back to pre-Hispanic times and, they are made from corn. Some of them are tepache, pulque or the famous drink that we talk about in this new article on the Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, tejuino.

This drink is well known not only for its refreshing flavor but also for the wide number of benefits that provides to the consumer. If you want to know more about the origin of this beverage, keep reading!

History of Tejuino

Tejuino is a drink whose origin dates to pre-Hispanic times where corn was considered a divine food, therefore, this drink made from corn was also used in ancestral rites.

The first known references to tejuino say that it began to be made by the Wixárika people located in the state of Nayarit and that this recipe is around 7000 years old.

Without a doubt, its connection with the sacred makes that this emblematic drink continues to be consumed today in many parts of Mexico.

Seller serving a glass of Tejuino

Origin of Tejuino

Where is tejuino from? There are many references throughout history about the production of tejuino, but as we mentioned previously in this article, we talk above all about the town of Wixárica in the state of Nayarit.

Today, tejuino it is very typical in the state of Jalisco and more specifically in the city of Guadalajara.

glass of Tejuino

Despite this origin, there are many places in Mexico where you can find this drink, and due to its refreshing flavor and its historical background it has spread throughout the country over time, so if you come to visit any of the Park Royal Hotels & Resorts complexes in Mexico, don't hesitate and try this ancient drink with so much history.

Tejuino Recipe

Tejuino is a drink with a very low level of alcohol (yes, indeed tejuino has alcohol but it is less than 1%) made from fermented corn. You might ask yourself, how is tejuino made? And of course, we will answer this question:

Industrial method

The corn is fermented for 3 to 5 days, then it is put in a blender with piloncillo and water, finally lemon and salt are added to taste.

Popular method

The most popular way and with which most street and local vendors make this drink is the following:

First, an "atole" is prepared by boiling the diluted corn and adding the piloncillo. When it corn masa thickens and takes on a viscous texture it is left to ferment spontaneously for 24 to 48 hours.

Tejuino Street stall


  • 1 kg of corn dough (fermented or not)

  • 1 kg of piloncillo

  • 3 liters of water

  • 2 lemons

  • Salt to taste

  • Ice

  • In some places chile piquín is added.

Benefits of Tejuino

Tejuino is a drink that has been famous for being good for the body and for having many properties and benefits. In fact, it was demonstrated that tejuino, is able to displace pathogenic bacteria thanks to its large amount of lactic acid bacteria and, in addition, if we add salt and lemon, we will not only improve its taste but also its power to reject pathogenic bacteria by lowering the ph.
After these results, the researchers concluded that among the properties of this drink we have:

  • Improves digestive problems.

  • It helps to the correct functioning of the intestinal transit.

  • It increases the capacity of nutrient absorption.

Does Tejuino cure a hangover?

There are many urban legends about the benefits of this drink, but undoubtedly the most common are that it cures diarrhea and hangover, however the tejuino does not have a miraculous power to cure these ills at the time but it is true that, after many investigations it has been shown that for its benefits related to the intestinal tract, tejuino is a very good drink to treat these stomach problems.

If you are going to visit Mexico soon or it is among your next plans, don't forget to try a good glass of refreshing tejuino. We are sure you will not regret!
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