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Planet Royal

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Royal planet Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Together in harmony

The world gives us the opportunity to know its corners.
Let’s draw together a sustainable future
Let’s build an ethic and balanced society
Let’s foster healthy labor relations
Let’s inhabit our world consciously
Be part of the change

Planet Royal

Together in harmony


Together in harmony means doing things hand in hand.

As pioneers in the world of tourism, we are committed to being a sustainable option.
With this vision We take responsibility for all the impacts caused by our operation and we are committed to the continuous review of our objectives and process to build a sustainable tourism industry across the country.

Together in harmony, means making synergy.


Collaborator’s quality of life Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Collaborator’s quality of life

Work conditions, training, health, and safety. All those benefits that we as employees of the company enjoy.

Human Resources strategic action programs
● Work conditions and benefits
● Training and development
● Satisfaction and commitment of our collaborators
● Work safety procedures

● Training and development of our team
● Career development plans
● Work hygiene and security protocols
● Safety program to prevent Covid-19 “Safe Staff Program”
● Health and wellness
● Collaborators benefits and acknowledgments
● NOM 035 compliance
● Acknowledgment to our collaborators through the initiative “Movimiento Vacaciones para Todos”

Business ethics Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Business ethics

Our anticorruption compliance, fair competition and promotion of responsible business practices

Strategic action programs in business
● Social Responsibility approach
● Compliance
● Fair competition

● Business principles
● Social responsibility business policies
● Value chain
● ESR Badge
● certification
● Strategic alliances for sustainable tourism
● United Nations Global Compact principles adhesion

Community Bond Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

Community Bond

To contribute to local development in locations where we have operations and to help solve social issues through our Royal Holiday Foundation.

Community Strategic Action Programs:
● Engagement with Communities
● Employment and Development Opportunities
● Social Investment
● Community Support Program

● Social Investment through the Royal Holiday Foundation with the initiative "Movimiento Vacaciones para Todos”
● Employment and Development Opportunities
● Sustainable Amenities
● Social Commitment and Support to Local Communities
● Corporate Volunteering

Environment Park Royal Hotels & Resorts


Our efforts to prevent pollution, sustainable use of resources, and protect the biodiversity of our hotel complexes.

Strategic environmental action programs:
● Environmental awareness
● Climate change
● Productive efficiency
● Biodiversity

● Energy savings
● Water care
● Waste management
● Use of biodegradable disinfectant products
● Nature Protection
● Sea turtle conservation
● Beach cleaning
● Eco-efficient investment
● Sustainable certifications
● Environmental awareness

Guests Park Royal Hotels & Resorts


We provide them with personalized attention in our hotel complexes, as well as through our call centers and digital channels, in addition to promoting responsible marketing among them to help them make better consumer decisions.

Strategic consumer action programs
● Customer service
● Customer safety procedure
● Data protection
● Transparency
● Sustainability
● Dissemination of culture and values

● Security Guest Program to avoid Covid-19 "Safe Guest Program"
● Vacation Experience Satisfaction Surveys
● Customer Focus with Personalized Attention 24/7
● Service of Excellence with Innovation and Process Digitization
● Loyalty and Rewards Program
● Protection of data
● Dissemination of culture and values for sustainable tourism


Royal Planet by Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, is the sustainability program implemented by our hotel chain, which integrates the vision of Royal Holiday Group into 3 main pillars:

a) Corporate: It benefits our collaborators through a healthy and inclusive work environment with career plans, grow opportunities and recreation.

b) Social: Through business ethics, fair competition, anti-corruption compliance and the promotion of responsible practices among communities, guests and business partners.

c) Environmental: We take action on the impacts generated by our operations as well as sustainable usage of resources and protecting biodiversity surrounding our hotels.

Royal Planet is a pledge created as a corporation for society and for the planet.
Royal Planet wants to unleash positive actions that allow all of us to enjoy a balanced world.

Traveling is the opportunity that the world gives us to know its corners.
Let's do it responsibly.

At Park Royal Hotels & Resorts we assume our social responsibility through these three milestones of our philosophy: OUR COMPANY, OUR PEOPLE, OUR WORLD

  • OUR COMPANY Park Royal Hotels & Resorts


    Together we are the collaborators of Park Royal Hotels & Resorts

  • OUR PEOPLE Park Royal Hotels & Resorts


    Business ethics, links to the community, guests, partners and business partners principles

  • OUR WORLD Park Royal Hotels & Resorts


    All the efforts we make to take care of the environment.

AWARDS AND CERTIFICATIONSPark Royal Hotels & Resorts has received industry awards and certifications for its quality, safety, service, hygiene, financial results, social commitment, and sustainable management standards.


 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Best Hotel Producer Expedia
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Most recommended hotels TripAdvisor
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Travellers' Choice TripAdvisor
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Certificate of excellence TripAdvisor
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Best Practice Guest Satisfaction Survey Review Pro


 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Gold Crown RCI
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Silver Crown RCI
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Hospitality Award RCI
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Excellence in Service RCI
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
President's Club Award RCI


 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
H Badge Ministry of Tourism and Health
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Cristal International Standards Certification Cristal International Standards*
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Safe Travels Badge World Travels and Tourism Council
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Health protection and prevention certificate Ministry of Tourism and Health
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Health-PASE badge COEPRIS and the State Directorate of Civil Protection


 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Adherence to the principles of the Global Agreement ONU
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Best Social Responsibility Practices CEMEFI
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Preferred by Nature Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Preferred by Nature
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Sustainability Guarantee Badge Ministry of Tourism
 Park Royal Hotels & Resorts
Code of Conduct International Certification The Code